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It was a combination of teamwork and dedication that gave each house its new identity, a new lease of life and a new future.

Jacqueline was born in Casablanca and grew up in Paris. She worked in the fashion business for 30 years then in the ‘90s moved her focus to ceramics and textiles in her studios in Munich and Lusignac. She has had exhibitions in Germany, France and Finland. Her ceramics can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in Oulu/Finland, in Font Losse and in La Grange; her hand-made wall tiles decorate the kitchen walls in Chez Jouan and La Gravette.

Dirk is from a family of architects and ended up in advertising with his own agency in Munich. From there he moved on to join Jacqueline in the fashion industry. It was whilst refurbishing Font Losse that he discovered his passion for restoration work. And ever since he have been converting old town properties and farmhouses in south-west France, gutting them and ensuring that historic style and tradition go hand in hand with modernisation in tune with today’s standards.

Jacqueline and Dirk are keen travellers, love cooking and draw much of their inspiration from modern art and foreign cultures. When they are not travelling they spend their time in both Germany and France. They are notorious collectors and spend hours gadding about at flea markets and in galleries, picking up new ideas and bits and pieces for their houses.

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